Jewellery Storage 101

Here are some of the best jewellery storage advice that I can share with you all. I mean if we're going to be investing in beautiful pieces we should know how to properly store them and preserve their beauty and value. 

Hope this helps.

Chantelle, xo

Best jewellery storage tips:
1. Keep out of direct light (including sunlight) as this can cause certain gemstones to lose their colour, cause damage to sensitive stone such as pearls& opal, and even cause gold or silver jewellery to tarnish.

2. Keep away from cosmetics (perfumes, hair spray, etc.) these chemicals can cause your jewellery to tarnish much quicker and can damage certain gemstones.

3. Keep jewellery dry and away from humid environments, as moisture will speed up the tarnishing process.

4. Space it out, if possible don't let the pieces touch each other as this can cause excessive scratching and damage. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and can scratch other diamonds as well as gemstones.